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Year: 2003  Vol. 7   Num. 4  - Out/Dez - (3º) Print:
Section: Original Article
Fixation of Foley Catheter in the Treatment of Posterior Epistaxis and Prevention of Injuries to Nasal Ala
Fernando P. Gaspar-Sobrinho*, Hélio A. Lessa **.
Key words:
posterior epistaxis, Foley catheter, complications.

Introduction: The use of the urinary Foley catheter in the management of posterior epistaxis requires an adequate positioning and anterior fixation in order to be effective and to prevent complications. Objective: To describe an alternative device to fixate the Foley catheter. Methods: The technique involves the use of a valve from an administrator of parenteral solutions to fixate the Foley catheter, and a tube of drainage removed from the Foley catheter beneath gauze or surgical pad when used in posterior epistaxis. Conclusions: This instrument showed an easy management of balloon volume and a firm attachment to the main tube of the Foley catheter without evidence of complications up to now.

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